Enertek is the official representative of the Canadian company “ACME Engineering Production Inc.” in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.
The automatic filter is developed especially for effective purification of liquids with the high level of the weighted substances, including high-viscosity, in the course of continuous filtering without stopping of flow.
The body of the filter is made of stainless steel, hydrocarbon plastic, monel and other materials. Filter element is made of stainless steel, hydrocarbon plastic, monel and other high quality materials providing filtering to 1-5 microns (μm). Openings of the net filter are made of wedge-shaped wire or of perforated steel.

Principle of work:

Liquid that suppose to be cleared goes into entrance hole of flow and passes through the net filter in the direction from internal to outside cavity.
Self-cleaning of the weighted substances from the net filter is carried out by spring mechanism of scraper and brush under control of completely automatic control system.
The deposit which is scratched out at rotation, gets to the lower part of the body of the filter, from where is taken automatically.


Automatic self-cleaning ACME filters were widely adopted in the following industries:

  • petrochemical industry;
  • metallurgical industry;
  • mining industry;
  • food industry;
  • paint and varnish industry;
  • purification of utility sewage;
  • power (cooling system);
  • filtering of sea water;
  • chemical production.

Main advantages:

  • low operational expenses;
  • high extent of filtering;
  • ecological safety (the closed design);
  • the minimum losses of the filtered liquid;
  • continuous process of filtering of liquid;
  • possibility of work with hot liquids (up to 400-500 C).