Nowadays any project of industrial construction or reconstruction, any operating enterprise are estimated from the point of view of ecological efficiency that is expressed in an assessment of level of the harm done to environment and people; if necessary, measures for decrease in this influence to standard requirements are developed.

Environmental engineering for future industrial facilities includes a preliminary estimate of environmental impact and development of the relevant activities for environmental control as a part of project documentation.

Enertek carries out a complex of services in environmental protection design, including the following types of work:

  • Application for obtaining permits for emissions into the natural environment;
  • Permission to special water use (fence and dumping);
  • Projects of the maximum-permissible emissions (MPE),
  • Projects of the maximum-permissible dumpings (MPD);
  • Program and report on production environmental monitoring;
  • Inventory of emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • Draft standards of accommodation and waste management);
  • Passports of waste;
  • Assessment of environmental impact (EIA);
  • Projects on Sanitary Protection Zones;
  • Independent examination of projects;image003
  • Research and methodical works.

Enertek has actual data of legislative, normative, instructive and methodical documents in various areas of environmental control and process design – documents from an electronic database of information system PARAGRAPH. For development of ecological projects such program complexes as Air – PDV-Ekolog and ERA-1,7 are used.